Biking Excursion at Hamburg’s Country Side Guided bike tour (only small groups up to a maximum of 25 persons)
Start / Meeting: Subway station Nettelnburg (own bike) or subway station Bergedorf (leasing bikes) The tour can be altered according to any of your wishes and expectations. Would you like to get an example of a guides bike tour? Ex sub-station Nettelnburg direction - Reitbrook windmill - Neuengammer House dike with oil fields and stork nests - Krapphoflocks - Kurfürstendam - Curslacker Dam - Rieck house with watermill - Curslack church - Neuengamme center - on request Neuengammme memorial site (guided tours are undertaken and offered separately) - Court Eggers - an old farmhouse complex with coffee and cake shop, cattle breeding, porcelain and everything bio - Riepenburg windmill - along former railroad  - Altengamme church - detour to the Geesthacht locks and Borghorster meadows (only on request) - direction west along Elbdam to Zollenspieker being Hamburg’s southernmost point - Kirchwerder House dam - former railroad to the north - St. Severini church - Kücken's Pub- the inn on the country side- Odemanns Heck - Curslack train station - Curslack waterworks - Achterschlag - Brookwettern - sub-way station Bergedorf Duration: hourly or full day, as required. Price upon request.
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