HarborCity Walk through the new district HarborCity on foot or rented bike (only small group)
Only a few highlights              are mentioned: Start at HarborCity University - Kirchenpauerkai and new building area Baaken Quarters - Lohse Parc with former Hannoverschem railway station - Shanghaiallee with prototype museum from the outside - Maritime museum from the outside - Elbe Arcades - Störtebeker shoreline - Overseas Boulevard and Market Square - Magellan Terrace - View of Sandtorkai, residential and office buildings - Harbor basin of traditional ships - Kibbelsteg and Warehouse district - Dungeon and Mini-Wonder-World from the outside - Dalmannquay - Marco Polo terraces and Marco Polo Tower - Unilever house with terrace - Cruise terminal - Grasbrookparc playground - End of the tour. Duration with good footwear walking two, rather three hours. It is also possible within an hour by speedy bike and less contact points.
Hamburger Innenstadt
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Hamburger Hafen
Radtour Vier- und Marschlande
KZ-Gedenk- stätte Neuengamme
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Hamburg Downtown
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Concentration Camp Memorial Neuengamme
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