Port of Hamburg Can be arranged by (open-air) sightseeing barge or a saloon boat alternatively by coach.
Only a few highlights            are mentioned: Warehouse distrct (depending on the tide) - fragrances sniffing and beautiful rocking - Unilverbuilding and Marco Polo Tower - Elbphilharmonie - fearful blasphemy - Steinweg - conventional cargo handling - Reiherstieg - old-fashioned - Power station Moorburg - gigantic - Shipwreck, container terminals, bulk cargo handling, roro facilities - Airbus area - we take - Neumühlen Museum port - where the veterans are taking a break - Tug boat station - here the muscle packs await prey - Floating cranes - the heavyweight class of the harbor - Great Elbroad and Fischmarket - where Ina Müller drinks her beer at the "Schellfischposten" and Jan Fedder drives for his tv-serial “Großstadtrevier” - Docklands, cruise terminals, floating and dry docks, jetties - Oversea bridge - Cap San Diego and Rickmer Rickmers - End at the barge docks or pontoon Elbphilharmonie. Duration two to three hours. It is also possible to take a bus tour through the port and exit at different viewpoints and see other places than above.
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Hamburger Hafen
Radtour Vier- und Marschlande
KZ-Gedenk- stätte Neuengamme
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