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KZ-Gedenk- stätte Neuengamme
With Olli’s Hamburg Guide you will experience Hamburg up close. Either arrange your own tour or just  follow my suggestions. Or even more convenient leave it to me to submit proposals. I’m offering you walks around and guided tours through the most exciting corners of Hamburg, immersed in the ‘hidden worlds’ of the Hamburg harbor, guided bike tours through Hamburg's country side between the three rivers.  A visit to the Concentration Camp Memorial Neuengamme is also possible. All explanations are acquitted by me - no text from tape! So you can interrupt me at any time by asking questions. You determine the size of the group and stipulate when and where your tour starts and how long it should take. Together we work out an optimal program for you. I am looking forward to showing you my Hamburg point of view.
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Concentration Camp Memorial Neuengamme
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