Hamburg Downtown Walk through old and new part of Hamburg Downtown on foot or rented bike (only small group)
Only a few highlights                are mentioned: Start at the Hops Market - Memorial St. Nikolai – Comfort Bridge - Old Town Hall and Hamburg's origins – Handling of goods with stock exchange – Chamber of Commerce and the rear entrance to the patio of Townhall – passage through the town hall to the Town Hall square – detour to the St. Peter’s church and Cathedral square - Ballindam, Alstergate, Gerhart-Hauptmann- Square, Spitalerstreet – Passage to Mönckebergstreet, Barkcourt, St. Jacob’s church with a café in the tower, Burchardsquare, Chilehouse building, Sprinkencourt - View from the “Hohe Brücke” to the ensemble of the old warehouses – Start of the ‘Big Fire’ in 1842- View from the pedestrian bridge to the towers of the main churches - Rödingssquare - Schaartorschlock to St. Michel’s church - End of the tour Duration with good footwear walking two, rather three hours. It is also possible within an hour by speedy bike and less contact points.
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Hamburg Downtown
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